Baby Massage in Ashbourne Yoga with Catherine Carr

Baby Massage
Learn to Massage
Your Baby

Relieve Colic - copy
Helps to relieve
colic, wind and constipation

Soothing & Relaxing for Baby
& Parents

Improved Sleep .
Reduced Crying & Fussiness.
Enjoy the
company of
other mums



Baby Massage   2024

  Wednesday : 17th April  - 15th May inclusive - limited spaces available from 24th April - 15th May. 4 weeks €65

Time : 11.30am 

Now taking bookings for 

Wednesday 29th May - 26th June  at 11.30am 

Classes in The  HighKing Suite in The Pillo Hotel Ashbourne 

 Fee €100 for the  5 week course. Fee may be fully refundable from health insurance. 

Fee €80 if fee not refundable from health insurance.                                                               

Baby Massage :  Oil and Laminated booklet supplied

Baby massage is  a wonderful experience shared between parents  and baby.   It is an ancient and loving art.   All classes are held in lovely warm cosy rooms.   Gentle easy going class, (suitable for mums during recovery from c-section ).   Plenty of room for buggy etc.   This is a baby lead class, so if baby needs feeding or a sleep or has a good cry  it is not a problem.

As I am also qualified in Baby Reflexology this is also included in the course. Suitable for babies from the age of 5  weeks to 6 months. 

   Benefits of Baby Massage

  • Helps to relive colic, wind and constipation
  • Helps to relax and calm a baby with reflux
  • Improves sleep
  • Strengthens baby’s immune system
  • Aids Bonding
  • Helps to lift postnatal depression
  • Enjoy the company of other  mums

 Class Structure

  • Class held once a week over 5 weeks. Class one hour long.( Mums usually go for a cuppa after the class if  they have the time )
  • Participants massage their own baby while guided through a step- by- step routine
  • I use a massage doll to demonstrate the movements.
  • The routine is a combination of Swedish massage, Indian massage and Reflexology
  • Class includes talks on topics such as : colic, sleep, bonding.
  • Mums and babies sit in a circle on a soft blanket in a warm room.
  • Please bring a  towel for your baby.
  • Handouts and oil supplied.
  • If you miss a week make it up at the next course.
  • Mum & Baby Postnatal Yoga / Pilates   =  next 8 weeks Monday 15th April . Fee €100 or €14 per class

  • Book your space  online on this website or by text.   Please book your place early as spaces are limited.


The fee is fully refundable from most health insurance companies . 

If you are on the appropriate plan with your health insurance company you will be able to claim a refund of fees.  All the major Health Insurance companies (VHI, Aviva, Laya and GloHealth) refund up to €100 of the cost of a course.  It is important to note that to qualify for this refund you must do a course with an instructor who is a member of Baby Massage Ireland, as I am.   You should check with your health insurance provider to ensure you are on a plan that qualifies and your instructor will give you with a receipt which will enable you to claim the refund.

If you do not have health insurance or your health insurance policy does not cover the full fee of €100 a discount of €20 is available.  (Fee €80)

Mum & Baby Yoga 2024

Postnatal exercise for mum, stretches and massage for baby. Monday 15th April.  8 weeks €100