Gentlebirth in Ashbourne Yoga with Catherine Carr.   Main GentleBirth Class Instructor.


GentleBirth Workshops

GentleBirth is a complete childbirth antenatal and childbirth preparation programme that teaches self hypnosis, mindfulness techniques  and sports psychology for labour and birth which all enable you to feel calm,confident and in control. All  antenatal  information is up to date and evidence based.

GentleBirth workshops are  not like other antenatal classes .     This workshop is for parents who want to be actively involved in decision making and prefer to have an understanding of what choices are available for them during labour and birth in Irish hospitals  The focus is preparing  you for the most positive birth possible, no matter what comes your way on the big day. the workshop provides you with a roadmap to a positive birth.  Whether birth is drug free, with an epidural or a c section having the skills to remain calm and focused  is invaluable.  Birth partners learn in a relaxed atmosphere how to support their partner and how to work as a team to have an amazing birth experience

For more details on GentleBirth and to download the 7 day free introduction app on your phone using the links on this page, whether you use IOS or Android.

Knowledge, Preparation, Support, Better Outcomes.

GentleBirth combines mindfulness, hypnosis, CBT and sport psychology.   Being informed removes doubt allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to the big event.   Each day the GentleBirth app guides you through our unique brain training program tailored exactly to your circumstances.   Youwillhave access to the GentleBirth community for emotional support and the advice of GentleBirth experts.

Brain Science

  • GentleBirth optimizes brain plasticity in pregnancy and the postpartum period
  • Daily use of the GentleBirth program rewires your brain for calm and confidence
  • Improve your emotional resilience and bounce back from stressful events faster
  • Reduce activity in the limbic part of the brain in labor to feel emotionally in control
  • Make informed decisions by increasing connections in the prefrontal cortex
  • Reduce baby brain symptoms by increasing connections in the hippocampus
  • Feel happier and more stable as you become more gentle with yourself
  • Build a buffer to stressful events in labor reducing potential birth trauma
  • Change pain perception for a more comfortable birth experience

 Birth Science

  • Evidence Based
  • Reduced Perineal Injury
  • Newborn Neuroscience
  • Micro Biome and Birth
  • Pain Management
  • Upright Epidural
  • Oxytocin Inhibitors and Facilitators
  • Mother Centered Cesarean
  • VBAC

 Mobile App

The GentleBirth App provides everything you need for a more relaxed positive pregnancy, birth and parenting journey. Each day you’ll be guided through our unique brain training program tailored exactly to your circumstances. You’ll learn simple effective breathing, mindfulness and medical hypnosis techniques that you’ll use long after your baby arrives.


The GentleBirth Moms group is a private sanctuary of uplifting positive support for our GentleBirth parents to be. The community provides parents with evidence based research on birth options from around the world through daily curated relevant content with a focus on positive birth. Our unique engaging positive birth community is moderated by our Founder - Tracy Donegan, our International team of GentleBirth Instructors and experts in relevant supporting fields.

Childbirth Preparation