Labour Preparation Class


Pregnancy Reflexology Treatments 

Aids relaxation and improves sleep. Helps reduce aches and pains.

Fee €45 or 3 treatments €120. Fee refundable from health insurance.

Labour Preparaton Reflexology

available from 38 weeks natural induction techniques using essential oils, acupressure, spinning baby techniques and reflexology. Aids a shorter stress free labour and birth.  ( see web site : spinning babies for more details )



Attending this workshop will empower both you and your partner to be more actively involved in your birth.
This workshop gives you the grounding you need to best prepare you for birth. Workshop takes approx 3 hours.

Supplied at class:

  • Massage Blend of Essential Oils – 50 ml bottle of massage oil containing essential  oils- Clary sage, clove, lavender, mandarin & nutmeg.
  • Inhaler for labour -  inhale  essential oils for pain relieve during contractions
  • Booklet on Acupressure Points
  • Antenatal Handouts
  • Birth wish list / Hospital Bag Ideas / HypnoBirthing Techniques & more

Topics covered include:

  •  How to get up to 28% extra space in your pelvic outlet
  • The anatomy and physiology of birth including the cocktail of hormones and the wonder of the pelvis,
  • Breath and relaxation techniques to increase your ability to maximise your own pain relieving hormones and keep labour progressing,
  • Labour and birthing positions,
  • Spinning Babies Techniques. ( please see the web site .
  • Practical tips on stress reduction in the hospital environment,
  • Partner’s role and ideas for maximising their support
  • Optimal foetal positioning using Spinning babies techniques and yoga positions
  • Learn how to work as a team and for your partner to feel involved in the birthing expericnce.
  • The benefits and risks of medical interventions and drugs during labour and their effects on you and your baby.
  • How to navigate the hospital system.
  • Massage and acupresssure to assist labour and reduce pain
    At this workshop  the birthing partner also  learn how to use  Acupressure points ( shiatsu points ) which can help to relieve  pain and stress during labour.
  • HypnoBirthing Techniques.
  • Using Essentials oil for Labour.
  • Learn how to make the best use of The Epidural if one is required.
  • How to avoid a C- Section. How to cope if one is required.
  • Looking after a newborn- baby massage tips for wind & colic.

       Choice of dates to choose from : 

  • Saturday 27th January 1.00pm – 4.30pm
  • extra dates to be added
  •  Workshop Fee  €65  per couple ( includes essential oil inhaler and 50ml of massage oil.
  •  Private class in your own home  €80 


 Hi Catherine , I attended your pregnancy yoga classes and wanted to let you know we had a beautiful little girl on Sunday. Woke up with cramps and arrived at the hospital at 1pm and baby Iona was born at 3.15pm with just the use of gas and air and breathing techniques. It was intense  but I got into a rhythm of breathing and focused on that. I was having a nice shower half an hour later.  Thanks for all your tips in class , definitely helped me.Text received for Laura 4th August 2015 .  (  2nd baby)

Hi Catherine . Our gorgeous baby boy arrived this morning at 5.56am.  All very quick  and a wonderful experience. I put on on my ipod and listened  to my hypnobirthing cd , used the inhaler and a little gas and air, and we thought of you !! Mikey kept reminding me of what you said and I can not thank you enough for the classes, knowledge and guidance. It was a great experince having our first baby.  Text received for Debbie  22nd July 2015. ( First Baby)

Hi Catherine .  Derna here, just to let you know we had another little boy last night. I lasted at home really well  thanks to the essential oil inhaler and breathing techniques. Got to the hospital at 8cm and after 4 pushes Jamie was born.. Thanks for all the techniques , all really paid off this time.  Text received for Derna  19th July 2015 ( 2nd baby)

Hi Catherine. Janice here , my gorgeous little boy Finn arrived on the 4th July . I used your acupressue techniques whih I think helped me to go into labour.. I waited at home for as long as I could  and  he was born very shortly after arriving at the hospital.  No epidural, so happy I had the natural birth I wanted. Thanks for all your help and the couples class we both did  helped both of us to be more confident in what we were doing.  Text received for Janice 4th July 2015.

Hi Catherine . I just want to send you a massive thank you. I just had less than a 2 hour labour.   No stitches and only used gas / air plus the essential oil inhaler and the acupressure.  We have the most beautiful girl Elise.  Could not have done it without your help.  I hope to see you soon for baby massage. Text received from Donna 1st July 2015.  ( 3rd baby)

 Hi, Denise and Alan here. Baby boy born today on our 2nd Anniversary.  The couples class was the best thing  we ever did, especially acupressure points  and essential oil inhaler. Alan was like a pro which I am still in shock over, so glad he listened to you. !!  Text received for Denise 29th June 2015. ( First baby)

Hi Catherine , Rachel here. My little princess arrived on Fathers day. Contractions started at 3.30am and I held out till 9.30am going to the hospital and she was born naturally at 2pm.  I gave midwife  my birth plan as asked for no drugs. Afterwards  I wheeled her down to the ward myself and was so glad I did it all my self. Thank you for all your info.  Text received for Rachel . 26th July 2015 ( First baby )

Hi Catherine. Baby Katie arrived and all natural at 11pm., and we are so happy.  I was 1cm at 7pm and 8cm by 9pm.  Catherine , I could not have done it without the encouragement from you and your classes. I could not be prouder, and I cant believe she is here and she is mine.   Kevin was an excellent birthing partner and he really got me throught it.  Katie took to the breastfeeding so well so I am delighted my labour was so calm. Looking forward to seeing you at baby massage. I will be recommending you to everyone .    E – mail from Nicola 22nd June 2015.  ( First Baby)

Hi Catherine . Had a baby girl. Just want to say a big thank you for all your help. I was prepared to run a marathon just like you said. The hypnobirthing music was fantastic  Used the essential  oils in the  bath and birth ball plus the spikey ball you gave me. Barry used everything he had learned in the couples class. I got to the hospital at 11and she was born at 12.30. No pain killers  just like I wanted. Thank you so much again for everthing. I would not be able to do it without your classes. Looking forward to baby massage.  Text received from Kinga  1st June 2015.

E-mail received from Miriam 2 Feb.2014 . Miriam here from the pregnancy yoga course. Our first baby, Sylvia, was born on January 12, , 5 days overdue. We had a very short labour, less than 2 hours from the first signs until she was born..  I used my breathing techniques and various leaning/kneeling positions and swaying to cope with the sensation. I used no pain relief except a TENS machine and I had no interventions during the birth. I gave birth in a kneeling position, as this was what felt right at the time.  
The doctors and midwives were amazed at the speed and ease of labour on a first baby, and the fact that despite the speed of the birth and a very respectable birth weight of 8lbs 11oz, I only required 1 stitch. On the day of her birth and during my stay in hospital the staff repeatedly commented on how calm and relaxed the baby and I were. Since we returned home, the public health nurses who visited us have said the exact same thing!    Thank you for all the advice and information you gave during the yoga course. It was invaluable in preparing for birth and making up my mind on my birth preferences. I also attended the couple’s workshop with my husband. This was great for really understanding the physical processes involved in the birth and helping us to think through how we would manage labour as a team. In addition I prepared with the Gentle Birth programme, another recommendation of yours. The reflexology you did on me a few days before the baby was born, in which you made suggestions of a short labour, visualizing opening up my body to release the baby and only feeling a sensation of pressure rather than pain, is exactly how the birth turned out to be. Now we are looking forward to the baby massage and mum and baby yoga classes.    Miriam

Hi, Catherine, its Ann Hessman here from Dunshaughlin here. My husband Gary and I did the couples class with you in October. Just wanted to tell you gave birth to baby Eva on November 4th. My Labour was  an amazing experience.  4 hours in labour, no need for drugs.  Gary was a brillent birth partner , he said again and again that the class in your house gave him the confidence to really help. Thank you Catherine for that class.  I was able to use so many of the strategies you gave us to stay calm confident and in control. I would not have known about these strategies with out your class. Found the whole expericene thououghly empowering and I have the mose amazing gift as the end result. I will definitely be in touch about the baby massage classes. Thanks again.  Ann.  E-mail received from Ann . first baby born in the  Rotunda 4th Nov. 2013

 Hi, Catherine, Sarah Jane here, Thanks so much for everything, I got my VBAC, Mostly due to Michael standing up for me which he really took on board from you couples class. We asked all the questions like you explained to us. Now we have another little boy, this time without the surgery.Look forward to seeing you at Mum & Baby Yoga. . Thanks again.  Text from Sarah Jane 31 Oct. 2013 (2nd baby)

Hi Catherine , Aoife here from your Wednesday class and birth preparation class. Baby Louis was born 29 Sept, 6lb 11oz , and 10 days early.Thank you for all your fantastic help and advice. You really helped Derek as well.I used the gas & air, gentle birth cd, stood leaning on the bed and delivered on all fours !!. All your words of wisdom stayed with me during the labour and really got me through it. We both cant thank you enough. Hopefully see you at baby massage in a few weeks. – Aoife first baby (text)

Hi Catherine, our prince Jamie arrieved 3rd Oct , weighing in at 9-10 oz. Had a c-section as his head was not engaged. The breathing and the relaxation techniques really helped hugely when getting anaesthetic and also afterwards. Thanks again . Orla ( first baby 3 Oct. text)

Hi Catherine – Leah Kathleen born aat 5.51am weighing in at 8.12oz. Arrived Holls St. 5.15am, 2 pushes on all 4′s , with a small bit of gas & air & she was born. Midwife said it was like a homebirth , except in hopital. Thank you so much for all your help, the breathing techniqus really helped to keep me calm. So Happy.    Trish 2nd baby 30 September 2013 (text)

Hi Catherine : Baby Marianne born at home – planned homebirth. Very happy Mum & Dad.  See you at baby massage .  Carla – first baby ( Rotunda  midwife) 27 September 2013

Hi Catherine : just to let your know my little bundle arrived this morning after a seriously quick labour.Arrived at the hopital at 7am and Adam was born at 9am. No time for anything bar gas & air. Your breathing techniques made labour a dream. Everyone commented on how calm I was. I put it down to your hard work, so thanks a million. Looking forward to baby massage. Caroline : (first baby.  25 September 2013 )

Hi Catherine,. I hope all is well. I think Richard text you last week to let you know that our little bundle of joy had arrived!  Waters broke last friday at 11pm, very frequent strong contractions after that. Was in the Rotunda  at 1am, baby Lauren was born at 3.27am! all very fast, no pain relief as gas & air just didn’t work for me. Breathing & relaxation techniques worked great, not sure what id have done if hadn’t been to your classes!!    Thanks so much for all your advice, it has been invaluable.   When can Lauren & I start baby massage. I am 100% ready so just let me know what age is best for Lauren to start and when its on as we’d love to join the classes.    Chat soon,  Michelle .  ( first baby .e-mail received 7 June 2013  )

Morning Catherine ! Suzy here, hope this finds you well! Just letting you know our beautiful happy healthy son arrived this Monday afternoon after my waters broke late Sunday night. I know i always found positive birth stories a comfort in the face of the unknown so here is mine if you’d like it….

  • Woke up with a terrible crick in neck which in hindsight was probably part of the process ;-) . Thought I would get a bit more time, but labour came swiftly; intense but totally manageable, thanks largely I think to the yoga training. Control of the breath, connection to the body, vocalisation, visualisation, practise of pain perception, and bless those strong legs! 
Delivered Oscar (9 pounds 1 oz) naturally, using tens machine, hot water, acupressure, lavender oil and entinox. The Rotunda staff were totally supportive and non interfering, calm and kind, they let us just get on with it. Darragh was amazing, so solid and present, your check  sheet really helped him! 
The whole experience was an unexpectedly pleasant trippy journey :-) Thank you for encouraging the mindset, posture and practice which facilitated it, hope to see you soon again! Suzy         31 May 2013
Text from Claudia – 27 April 2013
Had baby Haylie  on all fours in the bed at 9.46am. Used breathing, ball, standing, birth ball, acuprssure and had  no intervention. Midwife commented that she knew I did pregnany yoga as I was so calm and focused. Happy Mum & Dad !!  (2nd Baby)
Text from Gemma 4 April 2013
Feidhlim arrived this morning at 3.15am after fantastic labour. No pain relief ony hypnobirthing, visualisation and breathing. Mammy , baby , daddy all very happy and content. Gemma
E-mail from Jo – Anna – March 2013
Hi Catherine,
Just wanted to let you know that our second little boy arrived safe and sound last week, on his due date. He was delivered at home as planned after a swift but calm 2 hour labour.
 I certainly know the  yoga, breathing and relaxation exercises were invaluable both for me and John too.
I’d like to thank you for giving me the confidence to trust my own body and the skills to keep relaxed in the weeks leading up to birth. I can honestly say it was a lovely experience and I have a beautiful calm yoga baby to prove it!
Kindest Regards,
These are only a few of the birth stories I receive almost on a daily basis.  I am delighted my classes are such a benefit to couples during this exciting time. Catherine