Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates

Pregnancy Yoga / Pilates / Fitness Class

The  Pregnancy Yoga class  is  held in a very private, warm & air conditioned conference room in The Pillo  Hotel.  The class consists of light cardio low impact exercises, yoga and pilates to create the perfect exercise class for all stages of  pregnancy. No yoga / exercise experience required.

  Timetable and enrollment form at the bottom section of this page.

Classes available Monday and Wednesday. No problem switching between nights to suit your schedule.

Monday  at 7.40pm


Wednesday  at 5.30pm

Join into a class any week after 14 weeks of pregnancy. No need to wait for a new course 

Fee   €65 for 5 weeks   or €120 for 10 weeks

Drop in rate only available after 35 weeks of pregnancy. €12

Fee can be paid by cash or cheque.

Handouts supplied at class on various pregnancy related topics

For details of my qualifications please see my teacher profile details on this web site.

(Please see “Birth Stories “ on Labour preparation class page on this site to see what women who attended the classes have to say    ————————————–

Book your  space on line on this web site  or by text or phone call.

 Yoga mats, pilate balls and water are  supplied.

No yoga experience required.

  Register for your class on line  I will e-mail you back to confirm you space.

  Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga
Practicing Yoga improves strength, stamina, flexibility, breathing and improves posture.  It also relieves tension and reduces stress.

Yoga helps to regulate blood pressure, and improve sleep. Strengthens stomach & back  muscles.   Regular pracice of yoga, stretches ligaments in the pelvic &  hips which helps to reduce back pain and aids in a shorter, easier labour and birth.

The breathing and relaxation section in the class helps to reduce stress , fear and worry. Balances the hormones and aids a good nights sleep.

Enjoy the company of other expectant mums and time out for yourself to enjoy your pregnancy.

Yoga mats, pilates balls,  bands and water are available at the class. (For hygiene reasons it is best to have your own yoga mat)

Labour & Birth Preparation Class also available. Please see  this web site for more details.

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Timetable for Pregnancy Yoga

Ashbourne Pillo Hotel   January   2018

  Monday : 7.40pm – 8.45pm  -

Wednesday 5.30pm – 6.30pm